The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 104

This week:

  • A revolution in Ireland
  • #CWC22 current standings
  • Ash Gardner back with a vengeance
  • Windies upset another apple cart
  • What can & should England change from here

5 thoughts on “The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 104

  1. As a New Zealand fan, yesterday was a chastening experience – the gulf in both skill and experience was all too apparent. If there was any hope after the Ashleigh Gardner blitz, Darcie Brown quickly extinguished it with some fine swing bowling. What a bowler on days when she gets it right!

    My impression is that this is very much a bat-first tournament, yet many teams are choosing to win the toss and bowl. South Africa have just done that vs England – let’s see if they’ve handed England a lifeline.


    • Good observation about batting first – no successful chases over 200 so far? Small sample size to be fair, and England and NZ both very nearly did it.


      • Goodness! Missed the last 90 minutes of the game but have just seen the final score. Did England nearly pull off a miracle comeback, did South Africa nearly bottle the chase, or was it somewhere in between?

        Another fantastic, close game though! I suspect catching was the difference.


  2. What’s the difference between the England Women’s Cricket team and an arsonist? No arsonist would lose their last 5 matches!

    Sorry, black humour to try and make this White Ferns fan feel a little better 😦 Australia are just too good – I hear their A and B teams would be strong semi final contenders too here. Hopefully the next 4 years see other countries lift their standard and systems to make a contest of it.

    (And my joke may be obsolete in a few hours – really see England getting up over Sth Africa here, Sth Africa dont bat deep enough


    • Shows what I know! Still think SA have a long tail, but also seem to be some of that tail outperforming their average


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