The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 108

This week:

  • Our #CWC22 post-mortem
  • Where do England go from here?
  • Latest team news in The Hundred
  • New Australia contracts
  • Our thoughts on the FairBreak Global tournament

3 thoughts on “The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 108

  1. Venue choice = pitch choice in NZ. Much better for a 50 over tournament to be on the best pitches rather than the bigger venues (big is relative in NZ too).

    The results speak for themselves, given the matches and the scoring rates and the scores. Especially as televised/streaming coverage is more important for a global tournament


  2. An omission from your discussion guys? How come Nat Sciver was not mentioned in England captaincy talk? Nearly 2 years younger than Knight and lots of skipper experience with Surrey etc?

    England could make changes at the top if they wished. The requirement to go through due diligence / full process etc. is only really for the next permanent appointment, so they could if they wished make any changes and bring in temporary/interim replacements. It wouldn’t be ideal – I’m not calling for it but it could be done if desired. Might be the best way to bring in some new starters quickly as that’s what you’re asking for. Unless the sentiment for change in the side is strong enough now? A chance to end the short sighted outlook that’s led to the lack of top order partnerships.

    I would tend to side towards England using the CG as a bit more of a development opportunity – Australia too strong right now to realistically expect to beat them.

    A bit ironic, Robbo saying he would have played Eve Jones last summer seeing as she dropped out of the development squad under his watch a few years earlier.

    Australia may have mis-stepped in dropping Molineux in my view. She’s a natural replacement for Haynes as LH opener and can fill in for / support Jonassen with the ball. Very talented and could well come back into contention later – I hope so. Australian selectors are more focused on getting young bowlers into the contracts at the moment (possibly because they can see their bowling’s no great shakes at times, less ahead of everyone else than many realise).

    Not sure I agree about the approach of different boards to this FairBreak thing. The women’s schedule is not overloaded, yet. Some of the upcoming comps you mention are likely to be smallish in scope, or development driven, so won’t have too many overseas internationals. For now, I say the boards should be supporting FairBreak. Can always pull out later. You have a thing about assuming everything Australia does is correct, and their board can do no wrong. But I think England have it right here.


    • “You have a thing about assuming everything Australia does is correct, and their board can do no wrong.” Could you pass this message on to Cricket Australia please as I don’t think they would agree with your assessment! 🤣


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