NEWS: Lisa Keightley to Leave England Role at End of Summer

Lisa Keightley will leave her role as England Head Coach at the end of the summer, the ECB have announced, with Keightley having informed the ECB that she will not be seeking an extension at the end of her current contract.

Keightley took up the role of head Coach in January 2020 and was almost immediately forced to navigate the uncharted waters of managing the team in a world of lockdowns and biosecurity forced on them by the COVID-19 pandemic, whilst also being separated from her own family back home in Australia. With Keightley’s long-term assistant Tim MacDonald also returning to Australia after the Commonwealth Games, this decision comes as little surprise.

Director of England Women’s Cricket Jonathan Finch alluded to some of these challenges, saying:

“Leading an international team is challenging at the best of times. It is more challenging during a pandemic, and Lisa has been able to continue the development of the team during what has been the toughest period we have faced off the field.”

Keightley enjoyed a win ratio of 68% during her time in charge of England, but although the cemented their position amongst the best sides in the world, they remain very-much second-best to Australia, who handed them an embarrassing defeat in the 2022 Women’s Ashes, followed by a drubbing in the World Cup Final a few weeks later.

At the recent Commonwealth Games, England were pipped by India in the semi-finals, and then embarrassed themselves in the bronze medal match with a poor and petulant display – something the new management team will need to address ahead of the T20 World Cup in South Africa next year.


5 thoughts on “NEWS: Lisa Keightley to Leave England Role at End of Summer

  1. For continuity shame LK couldn’t be kept on for the T20 next year, she has blooded more youngsters than her predecessors.

    HK is the obvious leader, hopefully her injury will not curtail her career, but a warning sign that England need to plan beyond the next competition, the 100 will hopefully throw up some more young talent. While England manage the senior players


  2. Not sure that is true Baz, Robinson played debutants Dunkley, Lynsey Smith and Kirsty Gordon in the 2018 T20 World Cup. He also gave first caps to Freya Davis, Katie George, Maddie Villiers and Bryony Smith.
    Sarah Glenn was just before her so I think the new players she has introduced are Capsey, Kemp, Lamb and Bouchier.
    The new professional structure underneath England be it a long time coming, has allowed players to grow and show they are creditable alternatives. The standard they now play at and the crowds the 100 has produced has made progression a lot easier.


    • Robinson was in charge from c. 11/11/15 to 20/8/19 (give a day or three). He ‘capped’ 10 players (Hartley, Ecclestone, Davidson-Richards, George, Smith B, Dunkley, Smith K, Gordon, Davies, Villiers)

      Keightley was in change from Jan 2020 to, well I guess, 30/9/22. She has (so far) ‘capped’ 7 players (Lamb, Bouchier, Dean, Bell, Wong, Capsey, Kemp). She could offer debuts to further players during the India series.

      Sarah Glenn was capped on 9/12/ 2019, a period between the two coaches.

      (It may be also worth noting that Robinson cited the development of players as his justification for ‘retiring’ Charlotte Edwards)


      • Think you mean “Smith L” for Robinson.

        As for Keightley 4 of those caps came within the last few weeks when she knew she was leaving. Seems a little odd and failed to secure England any medal at the CWG.


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