Kent / Sussex Appeal – Tie Upheld

The ECB have released a statement this evening upholding the umpire’s on-field decision that the controversial Kent / Sussex game last weekend ended in a tie.

Kent had appealed the result to the ECB, as they believed the ball to have been dead in the hands of their wicket-keeper when Sussex snatched a last-ball single to tie the game.

But after some consultation and discussion on the field, the umpires adjudicated that the run was fairly scored; and this decision has now been firmly upheld by the ECB.

The ECB’s full statement appears below:

“The ECB has been in communication with the umpires, and the Kent and Sussex management teams regarding events at the conclusion of the Royal London Women’s One-Day Championship match between the two sides on Monday 4th May 2015. 

Following receipt of all information and discussions with the Head of ECB Association of Cricket Officials, it has been decided that there is no reason to overturn any decision made by the umpires on the day, nor the outcome of the game as had been determined on the day.  The match is therefore a tie.”