ECB: Kent-Sussex Tied Result Will Stand

The ECB have announced that their decision to uphold the original tied result in the Kent-Sussex Championship match on Monday 4th May will stand.

Comments from the Kent CEO Jamie Clifford made earlier this week had previously called the ECB’s decision into question, after he stated that Kent did not believe that there had been an “appropriate review” into the controversial outcome, and that “a number of questions remain[ed] unanswered”.

However, the ECB’s spokesperson Beth Wild has confirmed to CRICKETher that the original result will stand, stating:

“The outcome was fully examined by Nick Cousins, the head of the ECB’s Association of Cricket Officials, and we are no longer reviewing the umpires’ decision. The tied result will not change.”

“Jamie Clifford has been in touch with us to check that the appeal was conducted properly, and to confirm that the umpires had not been unduly influenced by the Sussex players.”

“We hope that the matter is now resolved.”

The ECB also confirmed that they are aware of Kent coach Stuart Eddicott’s tweet, which branded their decision “shameful”, and that they had requested that contracted England and Kent player Tammy Beaumont remove her original “favourite” of the tweet.

Kent have been given the option to refer the decision to the ECB’s Recreational Cricket Group, which meets tomorrow, should they wish to pursue the matter further. However, given that the grounds for their original appeal are still unclear (there is nothing in the playing regulations to allow for such a procedure), it is presumably unlikely that they will do so.

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