Kent: “Questions Remain Unanswered” in Sussex Row

The somewhat one-sided war of words between Kent and Sussex over their controversially tied Women’s County Championship match took another sour turn this week as Kent CEO Jamie Clifford waded in to the argument.

Seemingly taking the ECB to task over their decision to uphold the result, Clifford said in a statement:

“We [Kent] do not believe that there has been an appropriate review and a number of questions remain unanswered.”

Ironically, the main question nobody at Kent seems to want to answer* is what exactly they were complaining about in the first place – there being no basis, in either the Laws of the game or the Playing Conditions of the competition, for the result to be ever in dispute, let alone a week after a private ECB meeting concluded that there was no reason to overturn the original decision.

Last week Kent Coach Stuart Eddicott took to Twitter to call the ECB’s decision “shameful”. The fact that his tweet remains undeleted might seem to represent at least a tacit endorsement of this position by the Kent hierarchy, who could presumably have required him to remove it.

It is unclear at this stage whether the ECB have reopened their investigation into the incident in response to Kent’s queries.


* We did ask!