Women’s Ashes Test Day 3 Preview – What England Have To Do On Day 3

Forget Yesterday

Wednesday was pretty grim but today is a bright new day. (Well… a new day at least!) And while England’s management need to reflect at some point upon an abject first innings performance; right now the players need to put it behind them and look to the job in hand.

I was feeling very, very pessimistic last night (sorry!) but this Test match is actually far from lost if England…

Bowl Like Daemons

England’s strength is their bowling and they have already taken 9 cheap Australian wickets in this Test – now they need to just go one better in this second innings and take 10! Moreover, if the weather on Tuesday suited England’s bowlers, today should be a pearler – it’s forecast to the warmest, muggiest day in history*! Megan Schutt was swinging it all over the shop yesterday – Shrubsole and Brunt should be relishing the possibilities today.

The Aussies said yesterday evening they would be looking to set England a target of around 300; and on current form I agree that would be a big ask on the last day, so England need to knock them over some way short of that. Once the Southern Stars get past 150 it starts to look increasingly unlikely that England would get those runs, so that’s the target for England today – 10 wickets for less than 150 runs – easy-peasy… right?

* Warning: May include traces of exaggeration for dramatic effect!

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