Women’s Ashes Test Day 4 Preview – What England Have To Do On Day 4

Attack Australia Out

I said yesterday that England needed to bowl Australia out for a lead south of 250, and that’s still doable – they’ve taken 4 wickets for 90 runs, including the big ones of Lanning and Perry – they now need to knock the rest over for another 60. This means: attack, attack, attack. And Laura Marsh needs to have a very quiet morning – throwing the ball to her would be the exact opposite of attacking – “detacking”, if you will. [Note to Ed: There must be a better word for this?]

If England can bowl Australia out for 150-or-so, they’ll be looking at a target of 250. The weather forecast is okay, so they’ll have a lot of overs in-hand; and 250 in (say) 60 overs sounds eminently chasable.

All they need to do then is…

Defy History

In the whole timeline of women’s Tests, going back to 1934, no one has ever successfully chased more than 198 in the last innings. So history is against England; but Charlotte Edwards has broken a lot of records in her career – if anyone can break one more today, it is her – but it is going to be A Big Ask™.

Defy The Odds

The bookies have priced England at 13/1 on average, with Australia odds-on as favourites. Can the bookies be proved wrong? Maybe… but I wouldn’t bet on it!!

Defy Themselves

England haven’t scored more than 250 in an innings (all formats) since January 2014; although obviously they’ve won several matches with smaller totals than that. Inauspiciously however, that match in 2014 was the 3rd ODI of the 2013/14 Women’s Ashes in Hobart. England lost by 4 wickets.