BREAKING: Holly Colvin Permanently Retires To Take ICC Role

Former England spinner Holly Colvin has been appointed by the ICC to the role of Women’s Cricket Senior Officer at their secret desert lair offices in Dubai.

Colvin, who took over 150 wickets for England, has also now officially, permanently called time on her international career… and living in Dubai it seems unlikely that we will see her play county cricket again either; although CRICKETher still holds out hope that a T20 Super League billing might possibly be on the cards in 2016?


3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Holly Colvin Permanently Retires To Take ICC Role

  1. Sad that we won’t be seeing her playing again, as I loved watching her play (sadly I never got to see her play in person – all the women’s matches almost always seem to be down South), but I’m pleased for her that she’s been given such an important role.


  2. Lostinmyminds missed a treat. I have followed this sport for twenty years and watched many of the overseas spinners as well as England regulars. I can think of only one spinner of any type I would mention in the same breath and, amusingly, when I said as much to Holly, she named the woman in question, although she was far too modest to accept my compliment without protest. It should not be forgotten that she was more than useful with the bat and really was not given the chance to show what she could do in that department. I suspect it will be many years before a 15-year old makes such as successful break into the England side!

    I wish her well and we all know how much Sussex and England will miss her.


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