EXCLUSIVE: Full Details of Holly Colvin’s New ICC Role

As we reported yesterday, former England and Sussex spinner Holly Colvin is off to Dubai to take up the role of Women’s Cricket Senior Officer at the ICC.

But what does a Women’s Cricket Senior Officer actually do? CRICKETher has seen the official “Job Spec” prepared by the ICC prior to the interview process (which took place in September / October) and can reveal that it is primarily an administrative role, with wide-ranging responsibilities:

  • Managing the ICC’s “pathway” competitions, including the Women’s International Championship.
  • Coordinating certain aspects of the Women’s World Cup and the Women’s World Twenty20.
  • Scheduling and appointing umpires for women’s internationals.
  • Preparing briefings and discussion papers for the ICC Women’s Committee, chaired by Clare Connor.
  • Implementing the decisions of the ICC Women’s Committee.
  • Coordinating the ICC’s marketing and promotional activities for the women’s game.

Holly Colvin is a super-smart cookie – a Straight-A student at Brighton College, with a science degree from Durham University, all achieved alongside an international cricket career that started at aged 15 – so there is no doubt she will be a massive asset to the ICC.

CRICKETher just feels sorry for the other candidates who applied… they wouldn’t have got a look-in!


One thought on “EXCLUSIVE: Full Details of Holly Colvin’s New ICC Role

  1. Sure Holly will do a great job?
    Just out of interest, where was it advertised? Didn’t see it on the ICC or ECB website? Seems a very wide remit for one person…bet the guys have at least five people doing the same roles!!


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