BREAKING: Super League Team Names

Here they are…

  • Lancashire Thunder
  • Loughborough Lightning
  • Southern Vipers [Hampshire etc.]
  • Surrey Stars
  • Western Storm [Somerset, Gloucestershire, etc.]
  • Yorkshire Diamonds

A couple of interesting notes:

  • Lancashire have been allowed to keep their semi-official “County Championship” name, although it isn’t supposed to be the same team, and there is no guarantee in theory that they will have the same players.
  • Surrey will brand themselves as “Surrey” rather than “London”; which will no doubt draw-in supporters of Surrey’s men’s team… but may also exclude cricket fans north of the river!
  • Loughborough have been permitted to extend their existing “Lightning” brand, which is already used by their Superleague [sic. – one word!] netball team.

5 thoughts on “BREAKING: Super League Team Names

  1. Postives
    Good to know the dates to reserve in our diaries.
    School holiday cricket for girls to go watch

    ECB Drip feeding information

    1. No mention of TV coverage or streaming of highlights

    2. The ECB fixture list pdf – my 9 year old could do a better presentation


    Looking at the geography the WCSL teams will have to rely on home fans. Will there be a common pricing structure?

    I’ve heard there will be an ECB initiative for Women and Girls cricket in 2017 I wonder whether that will link to the franchises, sorry hosts?


  2. From the Sky Sports link: “The opening weekend of action will see Yorkshire Diamonds host Loughborough Lightning at Headingley on Saturday, July 30, followed on Sunday, July 31 by Southern Vipers taking on Surrey Stars at the Ageas Bowl, and Lancashire Thunder travelling to Taunton to play Western Storm.”

    Here we go, then. Opening weekend is a must-see. I will have to choose between those two latter teams, Southern Vipers and Western Storm. Both Taunton and Southampton are lovely grounds. It will probably depend on what players the teams have!

    Other corrolaries from the announcement: If at least 11 matches will be played at first class venues, that means up to 7 will not be (By my reckoning a 6-team league with each playing each other once gives 15 matches, plus presumably 3 on finals day). As Loughborough will presumably play either 2 or 3 at home, that leaves 4-5 matches which must be situated at other grounds. With 5 matches in the league part, home/away fixtures are not equal for all sides – which will lead to those teams getting 3 rather than 2 home ties having an advantage.

    It’s now all down to how they do the marketing/branding, and most importantly of all – how they assign the players. As players’ relative ability and how they will mix is subjective to some extent, we’re bound to get some teams with a slight advantage from the off, but the ECB’s job is to try and minimise this to give a competitive league.


  3. Just seen the full fixture list. Very interesting. Not too many major conflicts emerging (yet!) The (long) weekends of 7-8 Aug and 12-14 Aug in particular look like good fixtures for me. Encouraging signs!


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