NEWS: Sarah Taylor “Taking A Break From Cricket”

The ECB have today confirmed to CRICKETher that Sarah Taylor is currently “taking a break from cricket, having decided to take some personal time away from the game.”

Taylor has already missed the first three fixtures of the county season for Sussex, and it now appears likely that she will remain absent from domestic cricket for the foreseeable future. It is as yet unclear whether she will return before England’s series against Pakistan, due to commence on 20 June.

An ECB spokesperson told CRICKETher that they were continuing to monitor the situation and that the ECB would: “support her, keep in touch and talk with her prior to selection for the Pakistan series and the start of the Kia Super League.”

Following on from the announcement of Charlotte Edwards’ retirement last week, this will come as a particular blow to an England team who are already without their best batsman and may now be facing losing their second best one as well.

It also effectively rules Sarah Taylor out of becoming the next England captain, in response to speculation in various media outlets that she was a likely candidate to succeed Edwards.

Taylor took a break from cricket six years ago, missing an Ashes tour in the process, but returned to the sport four months later to become the leading wicketkeeper batsman in the world.

9 thoughts on “NEWS: Sarah Taylor “Taking A Break From Cricket”

  1. As talented as some players are in this wonderful game we all know conflicted individuals, in Club cricket environment they chose friendly over league, in county a conflict between flair, enjoyment and professionalism.

    Feel ST has a similar conflict as a player the ECB and media see as a face of the female game. When Lottie failed we would always look to ST to bring the game home, in her own thrilling fashion.

    Hope to see her back, but wonder whether this brave new world the ECB and MR have started put into motion is for everyone? Times are a changing….but are we going to get what we wished for?


    • Within the England men’s team we have players who have generally faced the same things. They all know T20, they know about other leagues, they’ve come from a time of decent money within the game. The women’s team that attended the W20 aren’t like that. The experienced head of Edwards remembered the days of playing for peanuts and buying your own kit. There’s a huge contrast to the young ones who have grown up with coloured kit, trousers, and money coming through the game.

      SO with that in mind, a new coach coming in demanding greater professionalism and sacrifices to achieve those goals might well be met with some raised eyebrows. If the mantra is ‘greater professionalism and sod everything else’, then I doubt that will win all hearts and minds.

      I’m one of those who doesn’t believe professionalism means better cricket. I find a huge amount of modern cricket to be as boring and repetitive as baseball.


      • The thing which is easily forgotten is how young some of these players were when they began their England careers. ST is still 26 (just) but made her debut nearly 10 years ago.
        Whatever the problem she should take the time she needs and make her own decision when, if ever, to return.


  2. First thought – Blimey England are up a certain creek without a paddle….

    Did MR know about this before he axed Edwards?!

    Crikey this is going to need some time to adjust to.


  3. To sports fans outside women’s cricket CE & ST were the faces of a successful English cricket team. But if you went to a game all the players and young fans connected with the team.

    Existing fans are loyal to the England team, new fans come with success and players who entertain (for England or in the WSL). Grassroots success also gets young girls looking to the England team.

    A WSL where the stars are the overseas players may not bring the outcome the ECB wants or expects.


  4. I’m hesitant to rush to conclusions here. Much of what has been said seems very open-ended. The ECB themselves have not ruled her out of the Pakistan series, which may be anything from positive thinking to wishful thinking. Fingers crossed, it’s the former.

    “Personal reasons” can cover 101 different things, many of which may have nothing to do with cricket, and almost all of them, I would imagine, will be far, far more important than hitting a ball with a stick of wood. Sometimes real life must come first, whether it’s for a couple of days, a week, a month or longer.

    Speaking purely selfishly, I hope we see a lot more of ST with bat and gloves. Over the last few years she’s been one of my favourite cricketers, male or female, for one simple reason. She plays the game with a smile on her face, which is as it should be.


  5. Are we being told the full story by the ECB – well if we were it would be a first. Are Robinson and Sarah completely different people – probably, will Sarah’s laid back approach endear herself to Robinson – probably not, has the recent Edwards’ scenario affected Sarah’s attitude – possibly, has the recent loss in the T20 WC had an effect – probably. Could these 4 propositions be complete b******s – mayby.

    I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over this. We have Pakistan, West Indies and Sri Lanka as the next 3 series, it will give Jones (or any other keeper for that matter) sometime in the middle and, taking the bigger picture, it isn’t a bad thing, at suitable times (like not for an Ashes or a World Cup), for one’s best players to give some others a chance (if only to have capped players who can step in when one’s bests players get injured). One could make a case that this has not happened enough in the past (granted it ain’t easy given how little cricket they play).

    It has happened before …. and Sarah came back. If she doesn’t we have to lament the loss of a brilliant talent, and one of our few true ‘pay-to-view’ players.


  6. Obviously I’d like to see Taylor back as soon as possible. Even missing one match could make a big difference. This is possibly another sign of friction (or annoyance) between the players and management.

    That said it will be good to see some new players, and we should be able to cope with the upcoming series, I hope. Although I do think Pakistan could nick the odd game or two now. West Indies away will be very tough, if I remember correctly Taylor scored a hundred last time we were out there so having her back for that tour would be really helpful.


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