In Their Own Words: England v Pakistan, 2nd T20

Fran Wilson:

Were you nervous going out there today?

Yes, I was nervous. Obviously it’s been 5 years since I last played. I think I’ve grown up a lot in that time, but I was definitely very nervous. But I’ve worked hard on my game and I knew exactly what I wanted to do, just hitting the sweepers hard, running hard. If you simplify it, it takes away the nerves really.

Did it feel like you were on debut again?

Pretty much. We were joking, we were saying that if it’s been a 5 year absence everything should be wiped and you should just start again! So I might propose that!

Was the pitch quite hard to score runs on?

Yes, it was pretty tough, especially [Bismah] Maroof bowling really slow. But I guess that’s a lesson learnt for the next game.

Heather Knight:

What was the pitch like?

I think it was probably a slightly worse pitch than we thought. We thought it was going to be an absolute belter when we started…I think Pakistan put their best fielding performance in, and when they took the pace off [the ball] it was quite hard to score. Probably we didn’t get quite enough boundaries in the powerplay, but the main thing is we got a score on the board and the bowlers were outstanding.

With the short boundaries today, did you think there were going to be more chances today to score boundaries?

No, they’re the same boundaries that we’ve played on for the last few games. They’re the boundaries we’ve been used to, and I think it’s something that’s worked quite well…Fran was brilliant today. Like she said, she knows her game much better now and has really progressed in those 5 years, and hopefully there won’t be another 5 year absence now!

Jenny Gunn bowled particularly well today?

The batters have taken all the plaudits this series, but I think the bowlers had their day in the sun today. They were brilliant: Jenny Gunn at 30 and Sophie Ecclestone at 17 doing the business at each end is really nice to see. Jen was outstanding. She knows her plans very well and executed them brilliantly today.

You chose to open the bowling with Nat Sciver today. Is that something we’re likely to see again?

In T20 you’re sometimes trying to get one step ahead of your opponents, and do something slightly different. We feel Dani Hazell is probably our best powerplay bowler, and I think she showed that today. The worst overs as a bowler, the ones most likely to go for runs, are the ones at the back end of the powerplay…We decided to [open] with Nat today, we thought we might get a little bit of swing and bounce as well. It might be something we see again, it might not!

2 thoughts on “In Their Own Words: England v Pakistan, 2nd T20

  1. I was there yesterday and thought it was England’s best bowling performance of the series. The score England posted was for the first time, gettable. The Pakistanis were pegged back just when it appeared they were one good scoring over away from their opponents.
    Well done Fran, an excellent return to international duty after 5 long years.


  2. Batten pasted from Wilson (at 1997 days yesterday) to Langston (985 days since last cap and counting ……..).

    Wilson’s gap between successive caps if not a record. Brindle, for one, managed to beat this with her self-imposed gap of 2022 days between 09/12/2005 and 23/06/2011 and Ebony Rainford-Brent managed a 2021 day gap between 12/08/2001 and 23/02/2007 (which I think was not self imposed).


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