Women’s Cricket Coming To XBox and PlayStation

XBox and PlayStation game developer Big Ant Studios have announced that some of the top women cricketers will be featured in the new version of Don Bradman Cricket, which is set to be released on consoles in time for Christmas.

Big Ant, who are based in Australia, have gone all-out to do things properly – working with some of the Southern Stars to get the unique motion capture right for the female players.

The previous version of the game – Don Bradman Cricket 14 – was aimed more at hardcore fans than casual gamers, but nevertheless received mainly favourable reviews, with the Daily Express, for example, commenting: “Don Bradman Cricket IS the real deal… it’s almost as if you’re playing the real thing.”

Last year, women players were added to EA’s “FIFA” football game for the first time, with all the top international teams being featured, including England and Australia.

2 thoughts on “Women’s Cricket Coming To XBox and PlayStation

  1. It always amuses me when sport games are described as just like playing the real thing.
    So is it truly accurate? Are half your matches cancelled at the last minute because the opposition can’t get a team and does CC pop up every few overs to tell you how many million girls have done C2S.
    Joking aside, this is important advance, in a few seasons it will be the only way women can get to play.


  2. Definitely getting the new Bradman game then.

    There is a sense that this is done to earn PC points though, rather than from a genuine desire for inclusiveness.

    The downside of using the motion capture business is, although it allows for more accurate digital recreations of players, it also gives an excuse to make the whole process of adding women’s teams into the game very slow. Personally I think I’d rather see more generic models used for the players and more of the effort made to get licenses to be able to quickly include a fuller raft of player and team names into the games.

    Another popular cricket game, the International Cricket Captain series, is a case in point. This is a management game, and as such it would be a lot easier, with this game’s more limited graphics engine, to include representations of female players. But they don’t, because not enough people are interested, I guess.


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