NEWS: England v South Africa v New Zealand Tri-Series Standings

Team Played Won Lost NRR
England 3 2 1 2.76
New Zealand 2 1 1 0.3
South Africa 3 1 2 -2.95

With 2 matches to go on Thursday at Bristol, England are currently in the driving seat to make next weekend’s final, despite losing to South Africa today, mainly because of their huge Net Run Rate advantage.

The remaining games are South Africa v New Zealand and England v New Zealand, and depending on the results, anything could happen in theory.

For example, if South Africa beat New Zealand and New Zealand then beat England, everyone will have played 4 and won 2, bringing it all down to Net Run Rate.

Obviously being on the wrong end of two huge totals on Day 1 makes NRR a bit of a long-shot for South Africa – but it is certainly mathematically possible!

4 thoughts on “NEWS: England v South Africa v New Zealand Tri-Series Standings

  1. England can afford to lose their game on Thursday if NZ beat SA. If SA win though, it will also be difficult for NZ I think. We’ve seen that the side playing the double-header can find it tough over the course of both matches. New Zealand could find themselves under pressure – they’ll face 2 fresh teams and should try and avoid fielding twice in a row (or first in the second match), or may end up giving away a few more runs than they’d like. No team has yet won both of their double-header matches.


  2. I wonder if the White Ferns might regret not playing for NRR in the last five overs: they gave away 2.5 or so in that loss. Another defeat like that to SA and a close win against England could see them out of it.


  3. England are 99.99% certain to be in the final. All they need is one team to be below them and they make the final. Consider how difficult it is for SA to get above them (clearly SA might still get ahead on NZ and be 2nd).
    To illustrate the point, if SA beat NZ by 170 runs and NZ beat Eng by 170 runs then (SA and Eng have won 2 each) the Eng NNR would be -0.078 and the SA NNR would be -0.069; so one would need victories in both matches by massive, unheard of margins, for England not to make the final. Chelmsford CC can relax – England will be there.


  4. For South African fans : it’s pretty simple – beat NZ and hope Eng beat NZ. Why – because you need the equivalent of a 95 run win over NZ just to get equal with them on NRR so ending tied on match points with NZ isn’t likely going to be enough.

    NZ – well the easiest way is to beat SA then the Eng/NZ match doesn’t affect the final.
    If NZ lose to SA then they must beat Eng (obviously) and their NRR will almost certainly be good enough to get NZ in the final (unless NZ got absolutely buried by SA (see earlier remark) and only just beat Eng).


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