NEWS: Summer 2019 Fixtures Announced – Taunton To Host Women’s Ashes Test

The ECB have confirmed fixtures against the West Indies and Australia for summer 2019, including the Women’s Ashes Test at Taunton.

The West Indies ODIs will count towards the ICC Championship, helping to determine qualification for the 2021 World Cup in New Zealand.

The last KSL Finals Day is also confirmed for Hove on September 1st.


Thursday June 6

  • First ODI @ Leicester

Sunday June 9

  • Second ODI @ Worcester

Thursday June 13

  • Third ODI v @ Chelmsford

Tuesday June 18

  • First IT20 @ Northampton

Friday June 21

  • Second IT20 @ Northampton

Tuesday June 25

  • Third IT20 @ Derby


Tuesday July 2

  • First ODI @ Leicester

Thursday July 4

  • Second ODI @ Leicester

Sunday July 7

  • Third ODI @ Canterbury

Thursday July 18 – Sunday July 21

  • Test @ Taunton

Friday July 26

  • First IT20 @ Chelmsford

Sunday July 28

  • Second IT20 @ Hove

Wednesday July 31

  • Third IT20 @ Bristol


Sunday September 1

  • Finals Day @ Hove

12 thoughts on “NEWS: Summer 2019 Fixtures Announced – Taunton To Host Women’s Ashes Test

  1. On plus side the game at Canterbury is a Sunday, downside no marquee date at Lord’s or even the Oval. Why do I still feel the women’s game is being short changed?


    • Why so many games on ‘club’Sunday’s, including the KSL final? A large core of those that would like to watch will be playing.


  2. I’m disappointed there isn’t another match at Leeds (nor indeed seemingly anywhere in The North) — the 6-year-old still hasn’t managed to see any live England cricket, and that isn’t going to help matters.

    (Embarrassingly, I was so used to the England women’s team not venturing north, that I failed to spot this year’s Headingley fixture until we had other plans for that day. Though, as it happens, the 6-year-old was ill that morning, so we wouldn’t’ve made it anyway.)

    Also: why have T20Is turned into IT20s?


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  4. On a purely personal note, I’m disappointed there isn’t an Ashes fixture at New Road, but will hopefully be there for the WIndies fixture.

    I agree that a Lord’s or Oval fixture would be a positive step, although I’m not sure a 5,000 crowd (and that’s probably optimistic) would look good in a 25,000 capacity stadium. The atmosphere at County grounds is always good, and would be dissipated in a bigger venue. I was at Lord’s in 2013 for the Ashes ODI, I believe the crowd was around 4,000, with only the Grandstand side of the ground open, and it all felt very flat on the day.

    Very pleased that Taunton has the Test. The track there is generally good (two World Record T20 scores in one day…) and the locals supportive of the women’s game. There should be no excuses for the players not producing good cricket. The other hope is that it goes the distance – it would be a shame to see no cricket on the Sunday, which would be potentially the best attended day.

    The “North Question” is a tough one. Beyond Derby, as has been noted many times, there are no “medium sized” grounds which would be suited to the size of crowd usually attracted to matches. However, last summer’s NZ ODI was fairly well attended (we were there) despite it clashing with England’s World Cup QF, and we all know the Ashes is a “big ticket.” Another match there, or at Old Trafford, would have been worth a go.

    Of course, we don’t see all the machinations that go on. The fixtures have to slot round all the other games, and the tours have to “work” in practical terms – eg. Hove on Sunday, Durham on Tuesday and Taunton on Thursday doesn’t do anybody any favours.

    I would also like to see more weekend fixtures. Several of the games are midweek during term time, which rules out most youngsters from attending. It’s a tough one, that, because you either have to elongate the tours or perhaps play Saturday and Sunday, and then wait six days without a game, but I can see the two ODIs at Leicester being poorly attended, which will do the image of the women’s game no good. Apart from being during school time, people will be inclined to choose one or the other, not both, thereby diluting crowds further.


    • And, rather annoyingly, England’s match v West Indies at New Road clashes with a home T20 day for Worcs Women v Durham and Devon. Not great planning…


    • Looks like it’s actually 3 ODIs at Leicester, all on school days.

      Well, maybe the Ashes ones will be out of term-time for fee-paying schools with longer summer holidays, but I’m not entirely sure that putting on matches that only privately educated children can watch is going to help the future of the game …


  5. On the plus side, happy to see Taunton get the test. Given how well the women’s game has been supported down there, it’s a good choice. Also good to see Northampton get some international games, I’ve not been to Wantage Road in 25 years so may have to make the trip back. I’d like to see a broader spectrum of games round the country. As others have said, a game in the north would be nice, Durham for example although I accept it’s a long way for people to go.

    Scheduling for the summer may well have been affected by the men’s World Cup. I’m going to five of those games so working the women’s games around them is going to be a nightmare! I may be in a minority but I’d like to see more Saturday games. As a non-driver, Sunday’s are a pain to get anywhere by public transport especially for a morning start. For example, I live in Cheltenham but I’m not sure I can get to Worcester for an 11am start on a Sunday.

    Still I’m sure it’ll be a cracking summer. Are the Australia games not counting to the World Cup qualifiers? I’m still not sure of the format, is it home and away this time round?


  6. Do we know the official line on the choice of grounds? Is the importance of a full house of 5000 paramount. And why nothing in the North again? For info, you could get around 5000 in at Blackpool and Scarborough, even if you think Old Trafford, Headingley and the Riverside are too big.


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