NEWS: Sky To Televise Full Summer International Schedule

Following the announcement of the 2019 international schedule, CRICKETher can confirm that Sky will be televising every match.

This will be probably the busiest summer of international cricket ever in England, with not only the Men’s and Women’s Ashes, but the Men’s World Cup taking place in England, and inevitably some of the men’s matches clash with women’s fixtures.

However, Sky have pulled out all the stops to ensure that all the women’s games will be broadcast, even when they clash with the men’s matches.

Great news for women’s cricket fans, and a signpost towards a future where the women’s game stands tall alongside the men’s!

3 thoughts on “NEWS: Sky To Televise Full Summer International Schedule

  1. Really looking forward to it already – those long cold winter evenings coming up provide the perfect opportunity to plan ahead for the summer and work out how to fit in as much cricket as possible!


    • It certainly is! I’m trying to work how to get to from the T20 at Northampton on Friday night to Manchester for the West Indies – New Zealand game at 11am!


  2. On this subject, there is a very interesting interview in this month’s “Cricketer” with one of the top bods from Sky, talking about their commitment to women’s cricket. In fact, there are 6 good pages, including articles from Simon Hughes, Izzy Westbury and Huw Turberville. Turberville’s piece is particularly notable as he openly admits being behind the curve in cottoning on, and would probably admit to still having some scepticism.

    It’s ironic, really. Two years ago my wife bought me a subscription to the magazine as a birthday present. This year I asked her to cancel it and buy me one to Wisden instead as I find their women’s coverage vastly superior. The current issue of the “Cricketer” is the last one under my sub, and they finally come up to the mark! Still think I’ve made the right choice though!


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