NEWS: Kent Can Seal The Championship This Weekend… But They Need To Do More Than Just Win

With 4 wins out of 4 already in the Women’s County Championship, Kent are in a very good position to seal the title this weekend, as their official Twitter account tweeted:

However… they do need to do a little bit more than “just” win those two games.

Kent’s nearest challengers are Lancashire, who right now have 57 points – so assuming they do indeed lose to Kent on Monday, the most they can therefore get is 101 points – 8 bonus points v Kent, and two “18 pointers” from their other two fixtures.

Assuming, again, that Kent have beaten Lancs, Kent would have the “head to head” so would only need to finish level on points to win the title – ergo 101 points is Kent’s target!

Kent currently have 69 points – so two wins alone (with zero bonus points) takes them to only 89 points.

However, two wins with maximum (18) bonus points will get them to 105 – 4 more than they need.

So in other words the thing to watch is Kent’s bonus points – they can afford to drop 4 over the weekend and they will then be champions on Monday evening, regardless of anything that happens elsewhere.

Of course, this situation will have changed by Sunday evening, depending on the results of other games, so stay tuned and we’ll keep doing the maths so you don’t have to!

2 thoughts on “NEWS: Kent Can Seal The Championship This Weekend… But They Need To Do More Than Just Win

  1. Thank you for doing the maths. Bonus point stuff, that makes everything conditional, makes my head spin.


  2. Let’s just say we at Sussex would like to have a say in the final outcome. So we’re hoping “the horses” don’t win both games up North and it goes down to the wire against us in their final game and they fall at the final hurdle.
    Entertainment guaranteed as always….lol.


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