VIDEO: The CRICKETher Vodcast – Social Isolation Edition – Episode 1

Raf & Syd look back at the T20 World Cup in Australia.

PS – Can you guess “where” (via the magic of green screen) we are? (Hint: if you don’t recognise it, your local friendly teenager may be able to help!) Post your answer in “Have Your Say” below!


One thought on “VIDEO: The CRICKETher Vodcast – Social Isolation Edition – Episode 1

  1. Came to this item late, I hope I am not too late to add a few comments.
    Overall I thought it was a great World Cup, topped of by a tremendous crowd at the MCG. The level of interest throughout suggests women’s cricket in Australia has a viable, self-supporting professional future.
    There were a few disappointments. Some of the early attendances were lower than expected given improving WBBL crowds. This could be explained by it being late in the summer, school and the football codes had started and people being a bit “cricketed out”. Next time make it earlier in the summer.
    The batting was a bit disappointing with players like Gardener, Jones, Beaumont, Mandana, Kaur, Bates and Matthews struggling throughout. Though the upside of this was some great bowling performances, go Poonam. I think Gardener and Jones need to bat lower down the order. England seem to think Jones is an exact replacement for Taylor, while Australia persist with Gardener at 3 despite her inconsistency. Kaur appeared worn out, she is the player Australia feared, but never got going at all, including during the Tri-series.
    The biggest problem with this World Cup was the rained out semi-finals, not for the unfairness of the result but more for the showcase two hard fought, quality semi finals would have provided. Quite often in these tournaments the final turns out to be lopsided and it is the semis that provide the contests. Imagine what a sunny afternoon at the SCG with a crowd of 25,000 or more watching two tense semi-finals would have done for the game.


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