VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly Vodcast – Episode 58

In this week’s vodcast, we discuss:

  • The start of the County T20 Cup
  • Is domestic women’s cricket too complicated?
  • What Syd made of his first 100-ball cricket match
  • Does the media need to be more critical of women’s cricket?
  • Good news for coverage of women’s cricket via the ECB Reporter’s Network

To listen to our appearance on the Broken Trophy podcast, click here.

VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly Vodcast – Episode 57

This week:

  • Why Raf interviewed Beth Mooney in a onesie
  • Should there be a separate Wisden 5 COTYs for women’s cricket?
  • England’s busy summer ahead
  • What does the Bristol Test mean for the future of women’s Test cricket?
  • Why Raf’s new book The Women in Whites should be on your Christmas list

VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly Vodcast – Episode 52

It’s our 1 year anniversary! We celebrate by discussing:

  • India v South Africa
  • BCCI “going rogue” on Twitter to announce a Test v England
  • Clare Connor’s Q&A with the Cricket Society: ECB plans for club cricket & making the women’s game more diverse
  • Latest from the WNCL
  • Concerns about cuts to the ECB Reporters Network