VIDEO: The CRICKETher Vodcast – Social Isolation Edition – Episode 16

Raf and Syd discuss: the resumption of recreational cricket; will the Regional Centres of Excellence play any cricket this season?; India coming to England to play an international series in September; and the results of our poll – should the Women’s Ashes be extended?

Plus… we’re at The Oval this week celebrating the return of club cricket – but why?

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: The CRICKETher Vodcast – Social Isolation Edition – Episode 16

  1. Just tuned in for the last 3 vodcasts. Good info, light hearted discussion and pleasure to watch. Raf has a good manner with occasional comic content with a risqué twinkle in her eye, Syd the straight man the perfect foil for Raf.
    Very enjoyable.
    When this is (hopefully) all over maybe continue a weekly or fortnightly episode to discuss the current issues?


  2. Surely the ECB does not have to wait for Australia to play the multiday format. Now with the regional centres with paid players, part & full time, surely they can start to play. As for cost, I am not sure but don’t county men’s 2nd eleven squads play multiday crickets? They’re a mixture of full, part-time and amateur players, also don’t boys county academy players play a few multiday cricket games, through the season these are all amateurs, it does not seem to worry them, or their parents. We don’t hear concerns about the cost for this, why is it such an issue for women’s. The ECB could get ahead of Australia, and the rest of the world. Good stuff


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