VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly Vodcast – Episode 29

Raf & Syd look back on:

  • The Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy Final
  • England v West Indies

One thought on “VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly Vodcast – Episode 29

  1. England have definitely missed a trick this summer. What have we learnt by playing Brunt, Shrubsole and Eccleston every game? Nothing, it was a wasted opportunity by Keightley and Knight to use these games to find out more about the likes of Dunkley, Davis and George. Also what has Cross done wrong?
    It seems like all forward planning has just stopped and let’s just win games. Well the Southern Vipers, lets be honest would have beat the West Indies so playing your best team every game was pointless.
    Brunt will not go on for ever so it made no sense whatsoever for her to play every game. Her and Shrubsole should have played alternate games and Eccleston rested the last 2. Dunkerley should have batted 4 and given a proper role. Then you are not only developing but playing under more pressure which is again good for development.
    Finally, when they should have been playing matches the likes of George and Cross have just carried drinks have only played 2 games which weren’t internal matches all summer and Davis bowled 6 balls, how does that make sense.


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