VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly Vodcast – Episode 42

This week:

  • The vodcast so far: did our 2020 predictions come true?
  • Worries about WNCL
  • Australia v India matches “postponed”
  • What’s confirmed – and not confirmed – in the calendar for 2021?

Plus, why are we up in bonny Scotland? Watch to the end to find out!

One thought on “VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly Vodcast – Episode 42

  1. Comments about it being right not to go ahead with the 50 over World Cup appear sound. New Zealand could surely host it no problem right now, but it just wouldn’t be right for certain countries to compete given their lack of cricket. If England don’t go to New Zealand for a bilateral series this winter then the ECB have some serious questions to answer about why it didn’t happen. Life in New Zealand is practically normal right now so there’s no issue at their end. As for our situation, the England men’s team were allowed to fly out to Sri Lanka yesterday in spite of the health situation in this country, so yes if a men’s team can get on a plane ….


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