VIDEO: The CRICKETher Vodcast Special with FICA CEO Tom Moffat

Tom Moffat, CEO of FICA, talks about:

  • The FICA Women’s Report
  • The future of women’s Test cricket
  • Working with the ICC to push forward the women’s game

One thought on “VIDEO: The CRICKETher Vodcast Special with FICA CEO Tom Moffat

  1. Great interview. Well done.
    He was also surprisingly forthcoming, which was great.
    It is important to be reminded that the areas we see in England or Australia as key growth objectives are no even pipe dreams in most countries.
    Re, test cricket. I think this is a red herring really for women’s cricket. Sure I’d love to see more of it. Absolutely. The single remaining Ashes test is such a highlight.
    However….I think it does pay us to remember that outside a couple of countries even men’s tests are more a legacy item beloved by players and hard core fans rather than a genuinely mass popular, financial leader for the game.
    Even in South Africa, for instance, men’s test crowds are miniscule. In Australia crowds aren’t great outside of the few leading opponents.
    So in this climate arguing for the primacy of test cricket as any more than a legacy item is a bit of a diversion from the core issues.


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