VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly Vodcast – Episode 50

In our 50th episode:

  • England’s ODI series victory over New Zealand
  • Is Tammy Beaumont England’s best batter?
  • Who should open for England in ODI cricket?
  • Seam bowler selections
  • Predictions for the T20 series

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly Vodcast – Episode 50

  1. I believe that Tash Farrant, for whatever the reasons, is desperately under-rated. She swings the ball more than any other cricketer I’ve seen (including Jimmy Anderson). She still lacks control over it, being the only seamer to have the ball initially sent outside the off stump to give a leg-side wide. But that ability!

    Yes there may be surprise versus Kate Cross. But if we can “harness” Farrant’s preternatural talent then Cross will look, at best, like a journeyman/good servant of the game by comparison.

    In my opinion, of course.


  2. “England have got somebody like Danni Wyatt who has gone for a long period now without making a significant contribution at the top of the order” (Raf). In England’s 357th ODI Wyatt scored 110 when opening the innings. England have just played their 362nd ODI. In England’s 359th ODI Wyatt did not bat. I realise “a long period now” is subjective – and presumably given the above facts you were treating ODI and T20s as the same (because the only way your statement really ‘stands up’ is if you include T20 performances as well)

    Given the contents of your very recent blog (“Larger term, there has to be a concern about this – England aren’t debuting new batters, and the worry is that in the next two or three years the entire line-up retires without any transition taking place to the next generation, who will be thrown unceremoniously thrown to the wolves just in time for the 2025 World Cup”) it seems interesting that you are proposing to replacement 29 year old Wyatt with 30 year old Winfield. 29 year old Elwiss is another who might sometimes wonder what it takes to break into and then stay in the side.

    I’m no expert at this sort of thing but tweaking the W’s sounds a bit trivial to the rather deeper question of whether England’s whole structure allows young talent to break through. Ecclestone (2016) and Glenn (2019) are really the only two cases in last 5 years of new players dislodging incumbents and cementing their positions (and Ecclestone replacing Hartley is probably the only true replacement – Glenn, being a ‘leggie’ was something new). Ironically the last pure batsman to debut and hold their place was Winfield (in 2013 although it took until 2015 to get a decent run of consecutive caps). The counter argument to there being a systemic issue runs that if you are the current ODI World Champions things can’t be too knackered.


    • It was a good series I’m glad I stayed up for, esp considering how little international ODI there’s been. I’m actually glad TB sat back a bit in the dead rubber so some others could actually face some balls! And, just as a cricket fan, it was satisfying to watch Amy Satterthwaite build and deliver a century – something our ‘big 3’ should be ekeing out more of.


    • Wyatt’s 110 was against Pakistan. What is her 50 over average against top teams? Rather low I suspect? But then again, who else do you pick, as Winfield-Hill is someone we’ve already dropped.


      • If you look at all this a bit more deeply (ok I’m a ‘saddo’), there is actually only 1 ODI capped pure batsmen available for England to select (Bryony Smith – one cap and didn’t’ bat) beyond those who played in the 3rd ODI.


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