NEWS: ICC Announce World Cup Expansion

The ICC have announced a significant expansion to the World Cup and T20 World Cup, with the 50 over tournament expanding from 8 teams and 31 matches in 2025, to 10 teams and 48 matches in 2029.

TheT20 World Cup will expand from the current 10 teams, to 12 teams and 33 matches from 2026.

Together with the new “Champions Cup”, which will involve the top 6 teams, a major international tournament is scheduled to be held every year going forwards.

ICC Chief Executive, Manu Sawhney, said:

“We have a clear focus and commitment to an ambitious long-term growth plan for the women’s game. We have been building momentum around the women’s game for the last four years investing in global broadcast coverage and marketing to drive fan engagement.”

“This decision to expand our women’s events builds on these foundations and allows us to give more member countries greater opportunities to compete on a global stage. This means that more teams will also get the opportunity to compete in the qualification pathways for the respective ICC events over the coming years.”

Year Tournament Teams Matches
2024 T20 World Cup 10 23
2025 World Cup 8 31
2026 T20 World Cup 12 33
2027 Champions Cup 6 16
2028 T20 World Cup 12 33
2029 World Cup 10 48
2030 T20 World Cup 12 33
2031 Champions Cup 6 16

3 thoughts on “NEWS: ICC Announce World Cup Expansion

  1. This is fantastic news. We can now reasonably look forward, e.g., to seeing Thailand making regular appearances at the WT20I World Cup. The news about the India v England Test match is even better, because it’s confirmation that Women’s Test matches are not going to die out in the near future. Better still is Women’s Criczone’s ‘understanding’ that the BCCI and Cricket Australia are also in discussions about a possible Test match. An announcement during the forthcoming Rose Bowl series that future instalments of that contest will include a Test match would be icing on the cake. Suzie Bates and Sophie Devine have a lot of fans in Australia who would want them to make a Test debut before it’s too late.


  2. My thoughts exactly, AussieFan! The news about the Test and the World Cup expansions has almost (almost!) dispelled my gloom about NZ’s performances v England. If I could wave my wand for two more wishes, it would be that these Tests are played on good pitches and over five days, not four.


    • By and large, the Covid pandemic has been catastrophic for women’s cricket. But if the trade-off is bigger World Cups (and qualifying tournaments) and regular Test matches for India (and NZ? and South Africa? and West Indies?) (and more Associates players in the WBBL? and some in the Hundred?), then the catastrophe won’t seem so bad.


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