VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly Vodcast – Episode 54

On the show this week:

  • We look back at the WNCL final…
  • …. and the 1st Australia v New Zealand T20
  • We ask if Ellyse Perry is past her prime…
  • … and if Hannah Darlington is the future?

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly Vodcast – Episode 54

  1. Yes, Geoff Lemon wasn’t very gallant, was he? However, Villani is no longer an amateur. If you’re a professional sportsperson, you can reasonably expect to be criticised in the media if you’re also in the habit of choking at very important moments – just ask Greg Norman.

    I thought the first NZ v AU WT20I was reminiscent of the AU v SL match last year, except that Ash Gardner played the Rachael Haynes role this time.

    As for Perry, the Australians brought two players back from injury, namely Vlaeminck and Perry. The former is exclusively a fast bowler, whereas the latter is also a batter. Why risk re-injuring both of them by bowling both of them when Perry wasn’t really needed as a bowler and there are also two uncapped fast bowlers in the squad who could replace Vlaeminck if she re-injures herself?


  2. Great roundup guys. Very antipodean….
    The Vics will complain about anything (bloody Mexicans, as we call them in NSW). Geoff was a bit rough on Villani, but probably not incorrect. Thought some of the bowling choices and fields she set were rather odd.
    Georgia Redmayne had a good WBBL and WNCL, and in a period where we’ve not got a lot of young batting talent ready to go internationally, she’s be a prime candidate for national honours if someone got injured or loses form
    Perry is still very much first choice in tests and ODIs, but I think Lisa Sthalekar does have a point about her role in T20s, she may be superseded in a year or two?
    Her bowling will not be so heavily used in any format going forward given the younger talent coming through. Like Hannah Darlington, who should be a national regular very soon. Agree she’s a 10 year at least Aussie player
    However, I still say the really exciting one is Darcie Brown. She is a one in a generation prospect (to steal Dennis Lille’s description of Mitch Johnson) and the pace she already has, her action, the extra pace she will develop with age/body maturity will intimidate batsmen for years to come if all goes to plan.
    Nothing beats the excitement of genuine pace. Love it!


  3. A happy Kiwi here after the second T20I!

    Interesting to compare Vlaeminck’s and Brown’s top speeds in the T20Is – Vlaeminck slightly faster, though Brown was not at her fastest. I hope the two of them get to bowl together in many Tests.

    Good to see the White Ferns step up in the second game despite – or because of? – Sophie Devine’s absence.


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