VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly Vodcast – Episode 73

This week we’re once again focusing on #TheHundred :

  • How close are Southern Brave to qualification for the final?
  • Sophia Dunkley & Maia Bouchier’s run-chasing masterclass
  • How have we found watching it on TV?
  • Deandra Dottin & helmets
  • The BBC’s decision to extend their coverage of the women’s comp
  • Why are double headers working so well?

One thought on “VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly Vodcast – Episode 73

  1. Just a note on the omni-shambles that was OI v TR (abandoned women’s match) at the Oval on Sunday. There was plenty of opportunity for us to see at least an hour or so of cricket (although admittedly not a full match) but the Umpires and officials were very slow in their decision making and just seemed to call for inspection after inspection rather than getting out there and playing.

    The toss happened on time – then there was about 5 minutes of rain showers, a delay, followed by another 10 minutes or so of rain later on. There really wasn’t that much rain, and a lot of wind and some sun to blow it away and dry up. Somehow, that rain was apparently enough to make the outfield dangerously wet, even though the toss had already happened so the Umpires must have been happy to begin with if it hadn’t rained? Draws questions about equal conditions that the players were expected to deal with, as the men’s game was later delayed a long while to dry the outfield. Very little in-ground communication of what was going on, everyone was on their phones checking Cricinfo. It was truly farcical.


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