VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly Vodcast – Episode 75

This week:

  • The Hundred final:
    • What went wrong for Brave?
    • Marizanne Kapp’s superb spell
    • Do we need another semi-final?
  • Overseas players in next year’s comp
  • Raising the women’s salaries
  • Expansion of the ICC Women’s Championship

One thought on “VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly Vodcast – Episode 75

  1. One potential benefit of 4 teams qualifying for 2 semi-finals is that it would be easier to qualify and should mean a team or two have a match or two towards the end of the round-robin that won’t affect their qualification. This could allow some of their lower order batsmen to have some time in the middle (by dint of changing their batting order), something which not only might benefit potential future England players but also benefit the team should they find that one or two of their star batsmen are out cheaply in the semi-final or final.
    Granted Brave didn’t do this in, what was for them was, a dead match against Invincibles on the 16th but perhaps they should have.


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