VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 82

This week:

  • #AUSvIND – Is Australia’s crown slipping?
  • Should Jemimah Rodrigues be the next Indian captain?
  • Cricket TV rights – Is there a better way?
  • Sophia Dunkley and Alice Capsey – Cricket Writers Club Award Winners

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 82

  1. Totally agree about global subscriptions run by the ICC. I can subscribe to Hotstar to watch the IPL (I live on the west coast of Canada), so why can’t I get a subscription to other events like the WBBL and the international women’s matches? I’d rather watch women’s cricket than men’s, so I’d definitely buy a subscription to the women’s calendar. And Syd, when it comes to your idea about Jemi becoming India’s captain, I have to agree with Raf: barking mad, mate; so welcome to the club. Another great cast! Ciao.


  2. The India Australia Multi-Format Women’s Series (lol) was good fun, shame about the rain etc. Good to see both sides with different lineups than we’ve been used to. And yes the final score does flatter Australia somewhat but it’s that old ‘getting over the line’ that goes in the books I guess. India provided the most memorable moments for me. I was talking to a friend about how Aussies in sports are just gritty af. If a contest is close they just seem to dig deeper. You’re only option is to just stun them from the get go and then blow them away. (And even then they’ll take it so badly they’ll refuse to ever lose again for the next 26 games or whatever)
    Tahlia McGrath was a deserving POTS but I was particularly impressed with Pooja Vastrakar who struggled here in summer but was dynamite this series.
    I don’t see it happening anytime soon, basically for the reasons Raf outlined but, sure, Rodrigues would make a great India captain. Maybe she’ll first get to captain a ‘franchise’ team in the near future, fingers crossed!
    Personally am low-key delighted WBBL is on SKY this time as I have it anyway, while I only ever shell out for a temp BT pass to watch women’s cricket (which they then often stuff up eg. WINDIESvSA series). A dedicated cricket subscription or two feels a distant dream, would be ideal though!
    Syd is now pausing before releasing the puns. [..sigh, facepalm emoji] 🙂


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