The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 101

This week:

  • We assess the big performances for New Zealand v India… and take some positives for India
  • Will the Curse of Raf™ strike again for New Zealand?
  • We look forward to a big summer of internationals in England – including a TEST (woooop) and an ODI at Lord’s

One thought on “The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 101

  1. India must be kicking themselves that they didn’t post a few more runs in either the 2nd or 3rd ODI. They could have posted closer to 300 in the 2nd ODI (having been 108/1 after 20) but in particular looked set for well over 300 at one stage in the 3rd ODI (131-1 after 19 overs, a T20-style start by all accounts and 30 more than NZ would get at that stage). Those were both very good starts but they have failed to capitalise in the middle overs. To end up with only a few more runs in the 3rd ODI then the second was disappointing. It’s just not quite worked out for them, and Mithali and Kaur have sort of lost the momentum in the middle overs that had been built so well. Then wickets fell and it petered out a bit – only Deepti looked like she could get the kind of runs India needed.

    I’ve been impressed with Yastika at the top of the order at times but particularly Meghana (pronounced Meg-na, like you said) who looks to be outplaying Verma. She doesn’t have too much backlift and is very bottom-handed in the way she plays, but strikes the ball very hard and times it superbly. Like with Verma, it’s hardly a textbook technique, but it’s mighty effective. She should be in the WC squad, not a reserve. Can’t quite work out why Rodrigues is missing from the squad nor why Mandhana hasn’t come in for Harmanpreet yet. I know it seems their best players are mostly openers, but India should probably just go for it and play all of them.

    The bowling for India has been at times wayward and the spinners have generally struggled to contain the NZ batters or keep the run rate down. As a traditional strength for India, they must be a bit worried about the spin bowlers at the moment. A word for Frances Makay, who had a great game, impressing with her economy and getting the run outs for NZ. She batted well at the end of the 3rd ODI as well. Will she take Kasperek’s place? Either way, NZ have a chance to do well in the WC, I agree. They would seem to be more likely to win it now than 2017 – being in better form and it being a home tournament, but have looked really good in this exciting series so far.


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