The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 102

This week:

  • The Hundred player retentions: an analysis
  • Pros & cons of the free market
  • Our World Cup predictions
  • The madness of the ICC’s 9-player rule

5 thoughts on “The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 102

    • Vaccination rates in NZ at the planned time were low – very different from when Eng W toured. Its only cricket, a postponement isnt that big a deal


      • Crap, sorry I mixed that up, thinking of wrong year. More the ability to manage quarantine – and, you have to make a call early for an event the scale of the WC. Cant leave it till the last minute


  1. I don’t think NZ has the infrastructure to play the WWC with less travel, does it? Not exactly flush with international standard pitches.

    What’s the alternative to 9 aside given the World Cup is about to start? Seems a decent if less than ideal compromise. And I’d have thought it would just mean batting innings limited to 8 wickets?


  2. Oh dear. The “Kaur innings” of the World Cup that all non-Australian fans were hoping might happen against Australia in a Semi-Final or Final ……. has happened in a warm-up.


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