NEWS: Skirts To Return To Lord’s For Historic Memorial Day Match

Players from London Spirit and Southern Brave are set to take to hallowed the turf at Lord’s in skirts for the first time in a generation, to mark Women’s Cricket Memorial Day this summer on June 31.

The first innings of the Women’s Hundred match between the two sides will be played in skirts, before the teams revert to their normal uniforms during the innings break.

These will not, however, be just “any” skirts. To immortalise the importance of this historic occasion they are being designed by Parisian fashion house Aprillo, headed by legendary Italian avant-garde fashionista Aprillo di Fullio – the man behind the iconic “Hamburger Dress” worn by Adelle at the 2013 “Britz” Awards.

The exact blueprints are being kept carefully under wraps, but those who know their fashion know that di Fullio rarely fails to make a statement.

“These skirts will be both classic and bold,” he says, “celebrating the women who have come before, and empowering those who will follow.”

di Fullio, who turns 95 in May, went on to describe the inspiration behind the skirts:

“The great Betty Snowballs once told me, on a promotional visit to Australia, that there was nothing better than a long, flowing drive; and like her, I too love a long, flowing drive in my Ferrari through the Italian Alps, so I designed these long, flowing skirts to reflect that passion.”

Women’s cricket in England was played in skirts for over 60 years, before the gradual introduction of trousers from the 1990s. Southern Brave coach Charlotte Edwards played much of the early part of her career in a skirt, and has fond memories of those days.

A spokesperson for Lord’s Cricket Club said:

“When the great Rachael Heyho Flint took to the field here for the first time during the 1973 Women’s World Cup final, which Lord’s was so proud to host, she did so in a skirt. These skirts will finally recognise not only the contribution of women like Rachael to the history of our game, but all of the mothers and grandmothers without whom we literally would not be standing here today.”


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  1. I’m sure you and Raf do not read The Daily Telegraph but it contains an article today entitled “Women’s cricket team to replace men’s after humiliating defeats” and its in the main section, not hidden away in the sports supplement !


  2. Hi Syd, On my calendar, June has only 30 days. Did you mean July 31st? Sleep deprivation can do strange things to one’s memory. Hang in there; only one more sleepless night to go. I hope that the final is closer than the semis were. Go England! Ciao. John 🏏😻



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