4 thoughts on “The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 107

  1. England did well to get to the final. Shame our bowlers met the Aussies in top form! Drops on a good day would have been taken, big challenge now is get our domestic structure up to where Aussies are.
    Introduce regular A team fixtures, U23 games too?
    But will be difficult to fit in to the current structure, regional, 100, county etc.

    But good to get to the final, shame Aussies were there too!

    Should have played in skirts!


  2. “Draw breath now, Syd” 😆 Deep breaths all round for a cracking cycle of cricket, pandemic notwithstanding. Women’s game getting better pitches, better coverage – rewards plain to see!


  3. Inevitable mixed feelings regarding England. On one hand, Australia were always such strong favourites, and coming second might have been the best we could realistically hope for. On the other hand, yes losing three group games was not good, especially the one to West Indies. Only making 234 v Bangladesh and struggling to knock off 204 v New Zealand would also hardly have made the Aussies quake. So where now for England? Personally, I can’t see that replacing any of the 11 that played the last few matches would strengthen the team, so it’s really up to any individual player to make their own decision as to whether they wish to continue with their international career. The only exception from the squad would be Winfield-Hill, who has surely reached the end of her international road. She has plenty of talent, more than most for sure, but just lacks the extra bit required to be a force on the world stage. Lamb and E. Jones have to now be regarded as ahead of her. The most significant change we need to look at now is coming up with a credible plan for increasing the number of full-time players in the English game. Alex Hartley said on radio commentary that Australia have had a professional domestic game for the last five years and England are just starting, but I think she was missing the point. The problem is that there are still only 60 pros, meaning that, when England players miss regional matches, around 50% of the players are merely semi-pros earning a few quid alongside their day jobs.


    • Yes, agree with you building depth and competition for spots (and the experience that comes with that) is a key I think, not just having a nominally ‘professional’ competition

      It has been discussed in depth in NZ – outside the 15 or so White Ferns contracts, the remaining players in the ‘professional’ women’s comps (T20 and 50 over) get paid $3250NZD each per year total! Its a contract barely in name. NZ cant afford to make them full time pros, but as most are young women without families, even $10000 NZD would make a big deal.

      Or else we continue to battle to win the chance to play Aus in finals (if that – NZ are #5 at best now)


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