The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 125

This week:

  • Meg Lanning takes a break
  • Lisa Keightley calls it quits with England – what’s her legacy & who comes next?
  • As The Hundred gets underway – who are the teams to beat?

One thought on “The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 125

  1. A simple analysis of the teams gives the answer as to who is the team to beat.

    Counting Internationals, Overseas Internationals (ex Scotland, Ireland & USA) and recently retired Internationals and accounting for the fact that a team can play only 3 o/s internationals in a game the figures are:-

    Brave = 9
    Invincibles = 6
    Spirit = 5
    all the others = 7

    Brave also have 2 players selected for England Academy this year (McCaughan, Norris) and Adams (not selected for England Academy this year but very much Academy level). In other words, Brave can field a whole team made up of international and academy level players (strictly speaking Rudd probably has to be w/k and she hasn’t been selected for the Academy since c, 2015 so let’s make that 10 out of 11).

    The surprise will be if Brave do not win it rather than if they do.


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