The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 127

This week:

  • Overseas players in The Hundred: stick or twist?
  • Southern Brave are the new Southern Vipers
  • A punishing schedule for London Spirit
  • Is The Hundred cricket’s Wimbledon?
  • Bigger grounds for the 2023 Women’s Ashes – will the gamble pay off?

One thought on “The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 127

  1. About the “Bigger grounds for the 2023 Women’s Ashes – will the gamble pay off?” part – in my view, probably not. Possibly the wrong match / time to play at Trent Bridge, although generally I would like to see more international women’s cricket hosted there because it’s a good pitch. I think Australia will still be pretty dominant next year and all we can ask is that England keep the series competitive for as long as possible, and avoid the heaviest and most demoralising defeats we’ve seen in recent years.

    It will probably be an Ashes or two down the line before I predict we may, and I emphasise may, start to see the Aussie batting fall away a little, or at least be less consistent. A few of their greats (Perry, Lanning, Haynes, Healy, Schutt) might be retired or in their twilight years by then, and in order to replace them with “equals”, I’m not seeing the experience being given to those replacements that we would expect to be seeing by now. It doesn’t mean England will be any better, but it might help and it’s one of the few women’s Ashes hopes I cling to as an England fan right now!


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