The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 146

This week:

  • Thoughts on England’s World Cup squad: Comebacks for Capsey & Cross; chances for Gibson & Bouchier
  • Rumours of high salaries in the Women’s IPL – how bonkers are they & is it a good thing?

2 thoughts on “The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 146

  1. Thanks for the info on possible salaries for the WCL. You are right—it is bonkers! Not that I am against women cricketers earning massive amount of moola, but the repercusions (as you say) for the game in general may not be what one would want. We shall have to wait and see what happens, hoping that this won’t torpedo women’s cricket just when it is beginning to sail full speed ahead. Whatever happens, I am so looking forward to the new league. I love women’s cricket and want to see it flourish. Great vodcast again, guys; please keep doing what you’re doing. Ciao. ♀︎🏏😻


  2. It was good to see the squad announcements and it’s all go for 2023. Looking forward to what it may bring, and with the WIPL/WCL too. The BCCI are making sure it’s all being left very late and secretive though. Nothing official on Cricinfo yet. First season could take a bit of getting used to!

    Let’s hope Capsey is fully recovered in time for the start of the T20 world cup. The squad sizes for the tournament are very small, so England might struggle if they pick up an injury or two.

    The U19 comp will be interesting as well. I’ve always thought these types of tournaments are more about player development than anything else – they are not always the best barometer of how good an international side will be in 5 or 10 years, as so much can happen in that time, the players will not always stay together. Picking a side with the sole purpose of winning it with a couple of senior-quality players and blowing away the competition is not necessarily the best thing. I like the look of the England side, and you couldn’t make it up but we have 2 players named S. Smale born within 5 days of each other!


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