The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 148

On the CRICKETher Weekly:

  • U19 World Cup – Eng & NZ in pole position!
  • Controversies in Aus & South Africa – DvN dropped & CA’s scheduling clash
  • Pay bonuses in the Men’s Hundred… but not the women’s?
  • Why we need season tickets in regionals



One thought on “The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 148

  1. England WU19 have been brilliant so far – the most impressive team, I think. They seem semi-final bound barring a disaster against WI. It’s been a strange tournament in terms of the groupings and stages (seems designed to keep the lower ranked sides in it for longer – which may be no bad thing). Whatever happens (and things can change a lot in the next few days at the sharp end) it will have been an excellent first competition for the U19.


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