NEWS: WWT20 TV Coverage – Still More Matches… But Bad News For England Fans

The announcement by the ICC of further expanded TV coverage of the Women’s World T20 in India is good news… except if you are an England fan.

The ICC has confirmed that 13 matches, including the semi-finals and final, will now be broadcast, and all 10 teams will have at least one televised game. (Previously just 10 broadcast matches had been promised.)

However, there is disappointment for England fans.

Sky had previously said that all of England’s group matches would be shown:

But it now seems that only the group games against Bangladesh (on Thursday 17th March) and India (on Tuesday 22 March) will be televised. (Sky’s updated schedule confirms this here.)

The full revised TV schedule is below, but check with your broadcaster to see which ones they are actually transmitting!

(Sky don’t appear to be showing all of them: Ireland’s only broadcast game – against Australia – is one missing from Sky’s schedule, for example.)

  • Tuesday 15 March – India v Bangladesh
  • Thursday 17 March – England v Bangladesh
  • Saturday 19 March – India v Pakistan
  • Monday 21 March – Australia v New Zealand
  • Tuesday 22 March – England v India
  • Thursday 24 March – Australia v Sri Lanka
  • Thursday 24 March – Pakistan v Bangladesh
  • Saturday 26 March – Australia v Ireland
  • Sunday 27 March – West Indies v India
  • Monday 28 March – South Africa v Sri Lanka
  • Wednesday 30 March – Semi-Final 1
  • Thursday 31 March – Semi-Final 2
  • Sunday 3 April – Final

5 thoughts on “NEWS: WWT20 TV Coverage – Still More Matches… But Bad News For England Fans

  1. So England need to make the semi finals to optimise coverage. No pressure ladies.

    Sky seem to do a better job with UK Netball. The This Girl Can initiative needed to include a discount Sky package for fans.

    ECB & ICC put to shame by approach of Cricket Australia.


  2. England should be able to beat Bangladesh and Pakistan. But losses against both India (entirely possible, especially in India) and West Indies (who’ve done just as well against SA so far as we did against them) could see us knocked out, if other results don’t go our way. That would be bad as we’d only have 2 televised games. Sky were a bit premature in saying what they would be able to broadcast all the games! The West Indies game is probably the one we need to really focus on I’d say. I’d have liked to see that on TV rather than Bangladesh.


  3. All very strange – not that strange is unusual when it comes to media coverage of women’s cricket. Granted these 2 matches, being their first 2, are guaranteed to be meaningful but with a 99% chance of victory over Bangladesh, its highly likely that the India and West Indies matches will be the crux of England’s attempt to get out the group.Indeed the West Indies match could well be the match in which they guarantee success or failure. It would logically be the 1st choice of match to televise if one could only televise one match. Ah, but that’s common sense – silly me.


  4. Not Sky’s fault, at a world tournament they don’t provide the coverage, simply broadcast the coverage provided by Star Sports. So if Star choose not to take their cameras to a match, Sky can’t show it and are forbidden from making arrangements for their own coverage


    • This is correct. We have tried not to blame Sky when discussing this but perhaps we should have made it a bit clearer here. Syd


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