The CRICKETher Podcast: 2017 Review

Raf & Syd look back on 2017, and forward to 2018!

(Look out for a special, guest appearance by Syd’s cat in the background – meow!!)


3 thoughts on “The CRICKETher Podcast: 2017 Review

  1. Here are a few wishes for 2018 for women’s cricket.

    1. To care for and nurture the Women’s County Championship, make it competitive and a viable stepping stone for young talent.

    2. If the Kia Super League survives!
    Create opportunities for young players to be in the teams AND to take a greater part in batting and bowling.

    3. Resist the inclusion of the more senior players from overseas who are probably past their best times in their careers.

    4. Similarly, resist inclusion of similar standard players from the UK.

    5. Either as KSL or the new city based teams, allow women’s games to be played (whenever possible) prior to the men’s games.

    6. The team competitions, such as Women’s Southern League Premier and Championship needs restructuring and needs a higher profile. But where this stands in the present pecking order is very debatable!


    • I would settle for a clear ECB strategy for women’s & girls cricket (covering many of the above) instead of relying on the WWC win and waiting for the 2019 revamp of the men’s game


  2. Thanks Raf & Syd for a great podcast (worth the wait), covered just about everything.

    One concern I have for this season is the scheduling and location of the England internationals where the World Cup brought in the new fans & families the 2018 schedule seems to fall into old habits and TV coverage needs to show a healthy crowd.

    Happy New Year!


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