VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly Vodcast – Episode 35

On this week’s vodcast, Raf and Syd discuss:

  • WBBL: current standings and injury worries
  • The final of the T20 Challenge
  • Fielding standards (& THAT Nat Sciver catch)
  • Bubble fatigue in women’s cricket

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: The CRICKETher Weekly Vodcast – Episode 35

  1. As it stands with only 2 WBBL matches left per team (let alone the 4 mentioned in this podcast), all teams can still qualify, albeit HH and MR would need to bunk up their NRR to do so and, perhaps remarkably, its still possible for both HH and MR to both qualify.

    It is possible to get a final table with one 1st, one 2nd, one 3rd and 5 4th placed teams (all on 12 pts). This isn’t quite as staggering as it might seem (given to get to 12 pts HH and MR would have to win both their remaining matches so that’s 4 out of the 8 matches catered for and the MS/BH match has no effect. Bung in AS winning both their matches and MS beating SS and you’ve got it).


  2. For any HH fans (can you imagine that!), here are the only set of results that could see HH qualify (it’ll involve NRR):-
    BH v MS : result doesn’t matter
    ST v AS : AS must win
    HH v PS : HH must win
    SS v MR : MR must win
    ST v HH : HH must win
    AS v PS : AS must win
    SS v MS : MS must win
    BH v MR : result doesn’t matter but BH winning (or a wash-out) would mean one less team to beat on NRR.
    If all the above happens then HH end up tied with ST, PS and SS (and possibly MR).

    Ref my previous post, there is sequence of results that would lead to 5 teams being tied for 2nd place. BH, ST, PS, SS and AS could all end up on 14 pts. The maths dudes will have spotted that this can only happen if there are some washouts (reason for this being obvious being that AS are on an odd number of points).


  3. …. and for supporters of other teams, here’s an odd one. ST, PS and SS do not have their qualification in their own hands but AS do. All 3 of ST, PS and SS could still fail to qualify even if they won both their remaining matches whereas AS, despite being a point behind the other 3, would be guaranteed qualification with 2 wins.


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