The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 100

On our 100th episode:

  • Our Ashes post-mortem
  • How can England win the next Ashes Down Under?
  • Was this a better or worse defeat than the 2019 Ashes?
  • England’s World Cup squad: any surprises?

Remember to share your favourite moments from the last 100 episodes with us below!

7 thoughts on “The CRICKETher Weekly – Episode 100

  1. 🎉 👏 Congratulations on your 100th episode! Your vodcast has become part of my routine; I look forward to it every week. I can’t remember any specific episode that stands out, but I do enjoy Syd’s puns and Raf’s rants. Also enjoy when you both go after the patriarchal dinosaurs in the ECB and ICC. I’ve pretty well recovered from the heartbreak of the WAshes and looking forward to the World Cup, and to your commentary on the games. Can anybody stop the Australian juggernaut? I 😻 women’s 🏏. Thanks for doing what you do. 👍👏 Ciao.
    John 🏏😻


  2. Congrats on 100 episodes! I particularly enjoyed your intrepid roving reporting in the English summer, complete with weather updates and Keightly videobombs and such! I mostly listen on iTunes now so no longer get the full impact of Syd’s zingers which is probably a blessing tbh 😆 Here’s to 100 more vlogs and all the thoughtful & spirited content on your site which is much appreciated 🥳


  3. Many congratulations and I look forward to the next 100! As for what we can do to win the next Ashes, surely the only way is to increase the number of pros in England from the current 60 or so to 80, then 100, 120 etc. At present, the majority in most CE / RHF matches are not full-time and they aren’t being prepared properly for international cricket at the highest level.


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